2016 Reading Log

I moved across the Bay this year, which increased my commute time from 13 minutes to 45-50 minutes every day. This did wonders for how much I read – I got through about 55 books this year (not counting a few shorter comics!), compared to 37 last year.

This year, I did a bunch of themed reading – pairing books on surgery (esp. neurosurgery), three books on the rise of modern radical Islamic terrorism, etc. About 25% of the books I read this year were nonfiction, which is higher than normal for me. Interestingly, most of the books I really really enjoyed this year were nonfiction. Maybe I should make an effort to reach for more next year!

About 55% were science fiction or fantasy, which is about par for me. Though I didn’t really make a conscious effort of it, I wanted to read more books that weren’t by white men. About 43% of the books I read were by women, and 38% were by people of color, which were higher numbers than I’d expected! I did read a lot of NK Jemisin this year.

This list is organized in order of how much I liked it (favorites at top!) Also, I’d love feedback on this format – is this easier to parse than a long list? I find it easier to scan, but harder to read the reviews. It was definitely more fun to put together!

For a different view, Goodreads has a great year in review.


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