Notes from Strangeloop 2015

Last week, I attended the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis for the first time! This was a comprehensive and long conference, so pardon my long-windedness!


These are the talks and workshops I ended up going to, arranged in no particular order. The conference covered a wide range of topics, and I mostly went to distributed systems-y talks.

Talks I missed, that I’ll be watching the video for

The problem with multi-track conferences is the difficulty of choosing what to see. Luckily, all the talks were recorded and put online in record speed, so I can catch up on them now1

Other Things!

OMG THE CITY MUSEUM. The St. Louis City Museum is a weird, fantastic place, with weird fantastic things. I ran around in a giant hamster wheel, took a 10-story slide, and just generally climbed over all of the things.

St. Louis City Museum

The conference hotel was an old train station, and the main lobby looks like St. Louis’s version of Grand Central.

Seeing everyone from everywhere was also fantastic! This seems to be one of those conferences that all the computer people come to – the hallway track was delightful. I met a bunch of friends from the internet, and got to see a lot of people I don’t normally. The community around Strange Loop is really vibrant, and I’d come back just for that.

Train Station

Also, there was a giant BBQ festival going on the same weekend as StrangeLoop, which was fantastic.

St. Louis BBQ