Shelley Bra v1

After the fitting debacle of the last bra I made, I decided to try using a different pattern. The Marlborough bra isn’t really drafted for larger cup sizes, and the shape of the cup pieces just weren’t going to work on me. I bought the Shelley bra pattern last January, when I started looking for bra materials, but had never gotten around to trying it out.

I used another kit from Grey’s fabrics, in gold and antique black this time. The cup fabric’s a great, solid duoplex, and the lace is a gorgeous re-embroidered Télio lace. I got a little stingy with how I was using materials, and accidentally cut out 2 right cup lace pieces. :P I do have enough fabric left over for a second bra in these colors, though!

No, really, look at this lace.

I made a few changes to the pattern, but forgot to take photos of the alterations. This continues my trend of making mysterious alterations, and not documenting any of them. Thankfully, most of the alterations are similar to the ones Caroline of Blackbird Fabrics made – shaving off some of the curve of the lower cup pieces to reduce the pointiness, and lowering the bridge and the lace by 1".

I’m so happy with the way this turned out! I’m seriously impressed that the fit was near-perfect on the first try, and it’s more comfortable than some of my RTW bras. It’s a little long/full-coverage, though – I can’t wear it with my Kim dresses, for example. I might try lowering the sides into more of a demi-cup shape next time, by reducing the height of the lace panel and the power bars.

I modified the strap pieces to be entirely elastic strapping, instead of using the cup fabric. I think this gives it a bit more of a RTW look. I just graded down the strap piece into a little triangle that I could wrap around the strapping ring, which looks ~fine.

It gives the bra as a whole a pretty 70s/triangle bra look, though, which I’m not crazy about. I think I might use Caroline’s method of cutting the power bar a little longer next time.

Fabric // Grey’s Fabrics' bra kits

Pattern // Shelley Bra, by Pin Up Girls.

Sizing & Adjustments // 30G, adjustments detailed above