2014 Reading Log

This wasn’t a great year for books – between a short commute and a new hobby, my reading habits kind of fell by the wayside. As a consequence, I didn’t really finish (or even start!) books that I didn’t love, and ended up getting through 27.

Also, as I discovered new authors or series, I binge-read my way through their catalog. There’s a lot of repeats, and a lot of discovery of classic science fiction authors. :)

This has some overlap with the last log I posted, since I’m trying to do a year’s retrospective.

Winter ‘14:

Like last winter, I visited Albany for Christmas. Unlike last Christmas, the weather was sunny and gorgeous. so I didn’t spend quite as much time reading.

Fall ‘14:

Spring/Summer ‘14:

Early 2014 (repeated previously)

I went on a huge Ted Chiang kick here.

Stalled :(