Bicycle Belladone

Bicycle Belladone

One of the most infuriating feelings in the world is getting to a train station just as the train is pulling out. This time, I ran up to the train as the doors shut in my face, and the conductor sad-shrugged at me. Sadly, the Caltrain runs every hour, so missing the train results in being catastrophically late for whatever you were planning to do.

And that’s how I found myself at the 22nd Street Caltrain station with an hour to kill, and no one around. Perfect time to start making silly faces at a camera, while I figure out how this self-timer thing works! I don’t know how people look natural in photos – I’m actually the worst at this. I end up making the grumpy cat face in at least half of the things I take.

This is easily my favorite pattern right now – I’ve only made 3 versions of it. :P It’s an 8-piece pattern, with 8 darts total, so it comes together in a few hours. The bias tape binding and skirt facing make finishing the dress a breeze, since there’s no fussy folding hem.

oh no the sun

You can tell I haven’t seen sun in ages. So much wincing!

The fabric makes me so happy. This is Art Gallery Fabric’s Cleta run, in bikaleidescope.

bicycle fabric

blind hem

The insides are pinked, with a line of straight stitches right before the pinked edge. This is my third blind hem, and I’m still in love with the technique. I don’t have a blind hem foot, so it’s a lot of careful and finicky sewing.

sway back adjustment

My back is freakishly bent – I need to make a sway back adjustment to everything I make. I think this fits pretty well, though! Unlike the space dress, I didn’t take in the side seams, so this has more ease around the waist. I think I like the space dress more because of that alteration, though.

Belladone back pieces

I love how perfectly the back pieces lie. This is the same adjustment I’ve made with all the other Belladones – take a wedge out of the back.

Fabric // Quilting weight cotton by Art Gallery Fabric (Bikaleidoscope from Cleta)

Pattern // Deer and Doe’s Belladone


Same as the spaceship belladone and the hot pink belladone, minus the waist-cinching.