SPACESHIP (another belladone)

Space Belladone

I am beyond pleased with this dress! This actually fits! It fits so well!

Also, it’s covered in little spaceships and formulas for deriving orbital velocities.

The Stripe systems team has a weekly sync-up that we call “SPACESHIP,” after watching the lego movie. I can’t wait to take my spaceship dress to a SPACESHIP.

I’ve been flipping through Roisin’s blog, and am seriously coveting all of the amazing patterns and designs she puts together. One late night, I ended up looking for fabric stores online, and stumbled on Stash Fabrics.

Space Belladone

Fifteen minutes in, I was hooked. Their selection’s amazing! They have the most adorable prints and colors and organization. Icing on the cake? They’re a Stripe merchant!

I was a little worried about the “quilting weight” cotton – I’ve only ever seen this to mean nearly transparent fabric with a poor hand and drape. This cotton is amazing! I have 5 more yards in different patterns, from different designers that I can’t wait to cut into.

Space Belladone

Fabric // Quilting weight cotton designed by Riley Blake Designs from Stash Fabrics

Pattern // Deer and Doe’s Belladone


Cinching the waist

I graded down the side seams on the front bodice by about an inch or two. I really wish I had done this on a muslin, or on the pattern pieces, because this fits incredibly well, and I have no way of reproducing this fit reliably. :(

I decreased the front waistband pieces to compensate for the bodice, and took an inch off the side seams on the front skirt pieces.

Decreasing the size of the back

I increased the width of the back skirt darts to fit the smaller back waistband. Success! No weird bunching at the zipper! I also had to take off a half inch on the back seams of the skirt, since I didn’t measure the dart correctly. Wow. Much math. Very science.

Skills learned: